My Bad Life

By a Pioneer in the Americas

A few years ago, Carlos, who is from a remote mountain village in Mexico of an unreached people group called the Tarahumara, fractured his leg seriously. After taking Carlos to town for surgery in the hospital, a missionary doctor cared for him in his own home until he recovered.

The doctor then offered to train him as a healthcare worker in the clinic. Carlos received the training and took the job, and in the course of their time together, the doctor shared God’s truth with him. But Carlos refused to give up his sinful lifestyle and eventually drifted away.

After several years, Carlos recently returned. Another missionary doctor who is the current team leader invited Carlos to return to his work in the clinic. And again, Carlos heard chronological Bible stories from this doctor. This time Carlos is soaking them up like a sponge.

A few months ago, the doctor asked him why he is so interested in knowing about God. He said that one day while he was planting corn, certain thoughts came to mind…How can I know God? How can I get close to Him?

“So I decided to come back here,” Carlos concluded. “And you invited me to work in the clinic again.”
As they studied about Adam and Eve and God’s design for marriage, Carlos began to cry.
“I feel so bad. I didn’t know. I left three different women before marrying my current wife. I am so sorry for my bad life.”

The doctor followed up by asking Carlos if he thought his own people should know more about God’s story.

“Yes!” Carlos answered enthusiastically. “I am just waiting for you to give me some more stories so I can go tell my people.”

Pray for the doctor as he shares the chronological Bible stories (from Creation to Christ) with Carlos. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue bringing understanding and conviction to Carlos as they work through the lessons.


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