Pioneers and the local church

The local church, missionary and mission agency each bring a unique contribution to global outreach, and these contributions can be maximised when we work together. Pioneers NZ seeks to partner with your local church. We believe that such partnership will bring encouragement, strength and transformation to kiwi churches as we engage in God’s global mission story together.

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Did you realise your church has been uniquely designed for a powerful global role that can also empower and fulfil your congregation? Jesus told His disciples to be witnesses from Jerusalem to the remotest part of the earth. We are convinced that God is using and will use His Church to reach the world and to disciple and care for generations of Christian workers worldwide.

None of us can do this alone because global mission is a partnership. God has called the missionary to go, and He has also called the supporters and sending churches to remain home and make mission work possible. The calling is equal. Senders and goers are a team.

The church, missionary, and mission organisation each bring a unique, God-given design, perspective, and set of strengths to global mission—resources that will only be maximised as we intentionally work together. We want to explore ways Pioneers can help your local church fulfil its role in global outreach.

How does my church get involved?

Pioneers is a servant of local churches because we love the Church. Your church will be your sending body and we will work with you to ensure your church understands the responsibility they embrace when they send their members to other parts of the world.

Your church will need to be involved all along the way. As you think about mission talk to your church leaders.  Ask for their prayer. They can help you discern what God wants you to do. If you go with Pioneers, we will meet with your pastor or missions advocate.

The relationship with your church is essential at every step of your missions journey; before you go, while you’re serving cross-culturally, and when you’re back in New Zealand to reconnect with family, church and supporters.

Want to partner in mission with your local church?

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Pioneers mobilises teams to glorify God among unreached people groups by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.


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