Our urgent need

Our current key ministry vehicle (used by our Director to engage with mission candidates, churches and other parties throughout NZ in promoting and mobilising for global mission) has recently had several significant maintenance issues arise. It will cost a substantial amount to repair this vehicle (which is older and has relatively high kms). We therefore believe this is a sensible time to replace this vehicle insteadof repairing it. This is something we had been expecting to do soon, however the need has become unexpectedly more urgent due to the unforeseen mechanical failures.

Our goal

After considering various options, we believe we will need $20,000 to purchase a suitable replacement vehicle for Pioneers NZ.

This amount should allow us to acquire a recent car which is economical and has low kms. Our hope is that this replacement will help us effectively continue in our ministry of global mission mobilisation from NZ, for many years to come.

Can you help us?

Pioneers NZ doesn’t have the finances to purchase a replacement vehicle at this time. 
Would be able to help us with a contribution toward this urgent ministry project? 

(Please be assured that any donation amount will be gratefully received as we look to reach our target as quickly as possible)

Have any questions about donating?

Get in touch below to talk in confidence with our team

Pioneers mobilises teams to glorify God among unreached people groups by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.


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