Exciting Developments with Prayer

In recent weeks, we have had two exciting developments at Pioneers NZ relating to prayer:

1)     New Prayer Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Judith A. (whom many of you will know recently returned to NZ after working long-term on the field) has agreed to take on the role of Prayer Coordinator for Pioneers NZ. We are very excited to have Judith in this role with her sensitivity and understanding for cross-cultural mission work and her passion for prayer. Welcome Judith!

2)     Launch of the DPN (Dynamic Prayer Network)

 a.     What is the DPN?

Our new DPN (Dynamic Prayer Network) will be able to rapidly communicate prayer requests from our field workers to our Pioneers NZ supporter family, and in turn quickly provide encouraging feedback to our field workers about the prayers being offered on their behalf.

b.    How will it work?

  1. Our field workers will be encouraged to send short, sharp prayer requests to our Prayer Coordinator in NZ in real-time using a secure app on their mobile phones.    
  2. The prayer requests will then be quickly processed by our Prayer Coordinator and sent out to our “Pioneers Prayer” WhatsApp Group in NZ. 
  3. Members of the WhatsApp group will be encouraged to momentarily pause (or do so as soon as they can), and for a brief moment engage with the prayer request (this may only be a few seconds spent in prayer).    
  4.   WhatsApp group members will also be asked to provide feedback, letting us know that they have received the request and engaged with it. This will be done by replying with a simple “Yes” or suitable emoji (praying hands, thumbs up, smiley face etc.)
  5. Our Prayer Coordinator will collate the replies and let  our field workers know about the people in NZ who are standing with them and upholding their situation in prayer. 
  6. The Prayer Coordinator will also be able to follow up with our field workers later, to find out what happened next with in the various situations and in relation to various requests, and report to our prayer's.       

c. When will it begin?

1. We expect to finish setup for the DPN in the next week or so, and we hope to have the prayer requests flowing soon after. 😊

d.  How do I join?

1. If you would like to be a part of the DPN (i.e. join the WhatsApp group), please sign up below, and we will add you to the group.

Recent Support for Ukrainian Refugees

At the beginning of June, we were excited to be able to send Penny K to Hungary for a short-term trip. Based in Hungary, she spent the month serving and supporting Ukrainian refugees in the midst of their trauma.

Introducing a New Team Member for Pioneers NZ

On 13th September, we will be welcoming a new member to our Pioneers NZ staff team. Susanna-Pearl Williams will be joining us in the role of Mobilisation Coordinator, where she will be helping to connect and train New Zealanders to engage more effectively in the global mission story. She is looking forward to meeting our Pioneers NZ family and we look forward to introducing you to her more thoroughly in our next edition. Please keep her upcoming travel and arrival in your prayers.

Expanding Support for Diaspora Ministries in NZ

For some time, we have been investigating the possibility of expanding Pioneers’ support of diaspora ministries and initiatives within NZ. At the beginning of November, Phil Malone (Coordinator of Diaspora Ministries for Pioneers in Oceania), will be visiting NZ to explore potential partnerships.

Can You Help

If you know of, or are involved in ministry amongst a diaspora group within NZ, and would like to explore support options available with Pioneers International, please contact us to chat further.

Member Care Retreat

In mid-July, we were delighted to hold our inaugural Member Care Team retreat. This was a rich weekend of fellowship, training and strategising for the further development of member care for Pioneers NZ. We are so grateful for this new team and their heart to love and care for our field workers.

A Wonderful Celebration – Auckland Dinner Report

After several Covid-related delays, it was wonderful to finally be able to hold our Pioneers NZ Dinner in Auckland on July 23rd. This was a wonderful evening of connection, fellowship and celebration as we remembered our heritage and shared the latest news of what is happening in global mission. We are hoping to connect with more of our mission family by holding some similar evenings in other regional centres around the country in the near future (watch this space for more information). To see a gallery of photos from our recent dinner, see below.

Also, here is the video we put together for the dinner, looking back on the history of what God has done in shaping Pioneers NZ.


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