1. Give thanks that Tarsem and Margaret Paul had such a successful ministry trip to India during February and March. Praise that they were able to reconnect with extended family members. Give thanks that they were able to hold several healing and deliverance meetings throughout the country during this time and for the many answered prayers.

  2. Please pray for Chris and S-P as they travel to Colombia in early May for mission meetings.  Pray for safety in their travel, good connections, and that the meetings with mission partners (particularly from Latin America) will be fruitful and result in more effective mission mobilisation from that region. Pray also for discussions surrounding several new ministry initiatives.

  3. Please pray for Katherine Y. as she leads a team of new staff at the medical training institute. Pray also for interactions with the various students (both continuing and new) which take p[lace both inside and outside the classroom. Pray that students who do not yet know Jesus will come to faith.

  4. Please pray for Suzy M. as she leads final rehearsals for the latest KELT production. Pray for good health for cast and crew, for polished performances and most importantly for the relationships between the cast members. This theatre troupe has given birth to a small home church and seen several students come to faith. Pray for their testimony during production to be strong.

  5. Please pray that the printing of the Nggem NT would be bale to proceed without unnecessary delays and that the special dedication celebration might be able to proceed as planned in August this year. Pray for Paul and Pip E. as they oversee this process and pray that the printed NT will become a powerful tool of salvation and revival amongst the Nggem people.

  6. Pray for Young Y in Japan as she makes some key adjustments to ministry. Pray that relationships with locals would be preserved, and even grow deeper through these changes. Please also pray for Young’s health as she battles fatigue and anxiety.

  7. Please pray for “Launch” pre-field training which will take place in Palmerston North later in April. Pray that the material will be helpful in further preparing our new mission workers for their upcoming cross-cultural work. Pray for Pioneers staff team as they finish preparing material, and that they would all have good stamina for the duration of training.

  8. Please pray for our new mission workers, Drew and Kirsty M (+kids), Penny K., and Dave and Julia W. as they prepare for departure to various mission fields in the next few months.

  9. Please pray for Jadon (Communications Coordinator) and his wife Esti as he prepares to leave NZ for an extended time (first travelling to PNG for several months, then basing in the Netherlands). Pray for safety in travel and for our Pioneers team as we work out how to operate Communications more virtually.


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