On mission in Tonj

Youth Conference

Building on the success of last year, we have just hosted our 2022 Youth Conference. More than 600 youth converged for 2 days on our new church building, from all over the Tonj region. It was an incredible joy to watch these young people soak up the teaching on their identity and calling in Christ. Not to mention the fun of games, competitions and energetic praise and worship! (check out the video). Seeing these youth all heading back to their own villages on Sunday, and knowing that God is working powerfully in each of their lives, gives us hope for a brighter future for South Sudan. 

Water well drilling

As the CHE program continues to multiply and bring transformation to the villages of Tonj, the primary obstacle to health that community leaders share with us is their lack of clean drinking water. In South Sudan, the average distance a family lives from safe drinking water is 5km, and for many of our CHE communities it is much further. So this year we are excited to be piloting a water well drilling program! Jim from USA and Jed Kuj completed their training in July, and are now training our team here. Despite the challenges of old equipment, flooding, and limited experience the team have just reached 25m deep on their first water well. If this pilot goes well, we hope to purchase a new drill rig at the end of the year. 

The IDAT(InDeedAndTruth)Maternal Waiting Village

These are the faces of just some of the mothers and babies who have stayed in our small maternal waiting home over the past 4 years. Each one has it’s own story, often involving tragedy in previous birth experiences, and all with overwhelming obstacles to their desire to have a safe birth this time around… until they heard about the IDAT maternal waiting home. Thanks to generous donors who saw the value in this program, IDAT has recently been able to expand the facilities to create a Maternal Waiting Village to accommodate up to 5 women, with their families, at any one time. This is both a dream of mine come true, and another step on the journey towards the goal of safe birth for every woman in South Sudan.

Much to Celebrate

In 2012, we helped a young couple and their one-year-old daughter get to the mission field in East Africa. Now, many years and three kids later, they are celebrating ten years of service! A missionary's life is never the same from day to day, and is full of challenges. But as they write below, it's all been worth it!

"It’s been a colourful, full and fulfilling decade of various projects: Ora Sponsorship Programme, LifeStitches project for women with HIV, Christian Religious Education, refugee support, hosting Summer teams, teaching Life Skills, leading a growing Pioneers team, facilitating a home crafts card project, initiating a hibiscus tea business, homeschooling and extra-curricular co-ops, helping with Bible studies, and more recently being part of a grass-roots project to help, support and disciple vulnerable children... Seeing some transformation and lives being changed for the better, seeing people grow in faith, meeting wonderful people from around the world, learning about ourselves, God and others… Cross-cultural living at its best!"

Please pray for this family, and all our families who have been on the field for many years. Pray that they will continue to have the physical and mental stamina to serve wholeheartedly, and that the Lord will give them wisdom, perseverance and hope in their day-to-day lives. Ask that God would make them fruitful and constantly bless them with fresh glimpses of Himself at work.


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