Kelt faces

Community theatre isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of CP. But it is a great avenue for building deep relationships since you spend A LOT of time together when rehearsing and preparing for a production.

Our community theatre began twenty years ago, and ever since has been helping people improve their English, self-confidence and for some, find faith. Based at a university the group includes not just students but alumni, business people, English teachers and a few expat teachers from International schools. 

At different times we have been able to run a spin off small group for those who were interested in reading the B and seeing what it says. Some were interested at first and now not so much but are still part of the theatre group. This spin off group is a side project and we cannot promote it to the whole group but only through the friendships we form. Some have come to faith and a couple of years ago we started meeting as a home flsp on Sundays. 

One unique and special feature of the theatre group as a whole is it is a place of belonging, people feel accepted and welcome and even if they haven’t been in a show for a year or more they still are part of our theatre ‘family’ and come to help with future shows. We have a saying… Once in Kelt, Always in Kelt – and everyone feels this sense of being part of this. Those who have gone on to do acting with other companies have commented about the unique and encouraging atmosphere in our theatre group – and we believe this is because it is a Kingdom kind of community. 

Would you pray with us that those who are involved would hear the truth and become hungry to know more, that the Father would reveal himself and for those who have been around for many years and have heard would hear it freshly and their hearts would be softened.

- Suzy M


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