Can I give directly to Pioneers’ general fund?

Yes. Only approximately 30 percent of Pioneers’ annual budget is covered by the contributions given to our missionaries and staff. Therefore, we depend on the Lord to provide the remainder of our operating expenses from other sources. To designate your donation for this purpose, indicate “New Zealand Operations” when you give your gift.

What percentage of my gift actually goes to the missionary?

Before missionaries go to the mission field, we retain 10% of every contribution towards covering administrative expenses such as receipting gifts, sending statements to missionaries and maintaining legal compliance. Once on the field, we retain an additional 2% for Pioneers international leadership, which provides care and accountability for missionaries and missionary teams.

How are Pioneers missionaries paid?

Pioneers is a faith-based mission in which the majority of its personnel depend on the Lord for the provision to cover their living allowance and expenses. Teams of churches and individuals partner together with each worker to provide their necessary prayer support, salary, and work expenses. Our missionaries are mostly employees of our organisation. Each month they receive a set salary that is determined by their individual ministry, personal and family needs and the standard of living in their part of the world. Regardless of fluctuations in the amount of donations received, they receive the same salary, provided the funds are available. All the gifts that are given to support missionaries are held in our accounting under their names, and the funds remain available for them, in case they have special ministry needs above their salary or for when ministry budgets are re-assessed.

Pioneers mobilises teams to glorify God among unreached people groups by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.


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