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Story from the Field

The evening of March 9 was a special time. A few months ago, a group of local leaders and expat coaches began praying over the idea of gathering believers (an oppressed minority people group) together for a time of worship and prayer around the theme of reconciliation. On March 9, over a hundred believers from seven different city fellowships gathered together to sing, pray, and fellowship together. It was a sight to behold.We had picked up our friends ‘Peter’ and ‘Grace’ (the believing ...

April 16, 2024

Four Locations

By a Pioneer in Northern Africa. I have served in four different locations in my time on the field. I had to leave “Location One” and "Location Two” due to security concerns, and “Location Three” was an interim option while I waited to see if “Location Four” would be possible. These transitions weren’t necessarily planned and I had many conversations with our Father about the fact that these transitions were not meant to happen. I felt deep lament at the brokenness that had redir...

November 26, 2021

A Jaguar In The Shadows

By a Pioneer in South America.In the dense jungles of the Amazon there are still tribes that have not been reached with the life-giving water of Jesus. One of these people groups – the Long Arrow Tribe – worshipped wooden idols that could not help them. Their chief, a man named Marcos*, was a disabled man, broken by many accidents and injuries. He prayed to the wooden idol for help, yet it did not reply. It did not heal him. One day a man named Naapi* came to see the Long Arrow People. Naapi...

December 10, 2020

Urban Children at Risk

See the Gospel spread among the unreached people of Bolivia, of which the Quechua are the largest group. Work alongside existing churches to strengthen the church body and its leadership and to instill a real understanding of salvation and a strong missionary vision. Missionaries are living in less fortunate areas of larger urban centers and partnering with the local church there to see children ministered to and young people discipled and trained to do ministry in and outside the church. Also l...

December 3, 2020

A Refugee's Miracle

By a Pioneer in HungaryIn the 12 plus years Victoria lived in Hungary, she had never seen such desperation and chaos. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Iraqis and other refugees arrived en masse at Hungarian borders, bus depots and train stations. The crowds of hungry, tired migrants set their eyes on the safety of Western Europe, and Hungary stands between them and their longed-for sanctuary. Children roamed the sidewalks as their parents sat on cardboard and flattened mattress pads. Young men ...

December 9, 2015

Refugee Crisis

Amanda LynnOne refugee explained to a reporter that the sea is the only country without visa requirements. Many have risked dangerous travel by boat across the sea to find refuge in Europe, and some of those risks have ended in tragedy. Many others actually arrive and find that border restrictions are increasing.And tensions continue to rise in Europe as refugees search for asylum and a fresh start. One particular hotspot of activity is the Hungarian-Serbian border, where the influx of refugees ...

September 16, 2015

My Bad Life

By a Pioneer in the AmericasA few years ago, Carlos, who is from a remote mountain village in Mexico of an unreached people group called the Tarahumara, fractured his leg seriously. After taking Carlos to town for surgery in the hospital, a missionary doctor cared for him in his own home until he recovered.The doctor then offered to train him as a healthcare worker in the clinic. Carlos received the training and took the job, and in the course of their time together, the doctor shared God...

August 11, 2015

Hard to Reach

From a Pioneer in PeruThe churches have no pastors and the church leaders have no training. In a remote area of Peru many have a passion for Christ, but they need someone to teach them and show them how to lead.A Pioneers team accepted the challenge to train the future leaders of churches in an area that is all but forgotten. Most of the people are simple farmers with a basic education. For many, working is more important than staying in school. Others only have access to elementary school educa...

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